Best Moulding Profiles in Oxford and Woodbury, CT

Woodbury Supply and Millwork Masters offer a collection of moulding profiles designed to the highest architectural standards - all provide a more distinctive look for your home or office. Only the finest kiln-dried hardwood and softwoods, custom dried to insure flat, stress-free product, are used for the manufacturing of these mouldings.

Woodbury Supply and Millwork Masters specialize in all shapes and sizes of round and elliptical mouldings.  Matching existing profiles or custom designs and pre-primed mouldings are among the many extra contractor services offered.

Choose from Chair Rails, Shoes, Stops, Casings, Base Caps, Crown and Coves, and more:

Stock Moulding Profiles
WSC Moulding Profiles
Garden State Lumber
A&B Wood Design
Royal PVC Mouldings

To inquire about a specific product's availability, please call 800-562-9679.